Click on the titles below for synopses, images, and other info. All full-length unless otherwise noted.

A Discourse on the Wonders of the Invisible World (6 actors)

Buccaneers (children's musical, large cast)

Or, (3 actors)

Dog Act (6 actors)

Wet or, Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes (7 actors)

The Listener (5 actors)

The Listener of Junk City (musical, 5 actors)

One Big Lie (musical, 8 actors)

The Reckless Ruthless Brutal Charge of it or, the Train Play (8 actors. Also available in French translation.)

Poodle with Guitar and Dark Glasses (One-act, 5 actors)

(Other short plays, including The Last Woman on Earth and Aphra Does Antwerp, and the anthology play, Neon Mirage, are available at )