The Listener



Generations after most of humanity has discarded a ruined Earth for a shiny new moon colony, the Listener spends her life alone with a sacred radio, calling out to hoped-for fellow survivors and harboring a vision for the future of Earth. Her fellow Junk City citizens have their own roles to play in a fragile, cobbled-together new culture—a culture threatened by the arrival of John, an emissary from the moon, who talks of rescue but is regarded as an alien demon. The Listener risks everything to help him, but not for mercy. Will John learn to listen? Will Listener hear? Will Junk City survive?

Produced at Crowded Fire Theater Company, San Francisco and Berkeley 2008, and by Moxie Theater, 2008. Workshopped at Portland Center Stage’s JAW/West Festival.

(Above:) Moxie Theater production, directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg. Set Amy Chini, costumes Jennifer Eve Thorn and Sheri Kraus, lights Eric Lotze. Cast: Jo Anne Glover, Steven Lone, Walter Murray, Tim Parker, Rachel Van Wormer. Photos: to come.

From the Moxie Theatre production, San Diego. Photographer... 

From the Moxie Theatre production, San Diego. Photographer... 

In the Press...

“This is a cautionary tale for the global-warming generation, lit with the playwright’s signature verbal shenanigans and pitch-black wit.” –Karen D’Souza, Mercury News (Critics Picks of the Week, 8/20/08). Click here for full review.

 “An engrossing, imaginative story well told…. [Adams’s] verbal dexterity and dark humor pack a provocative and entertaining punch.” –Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle. Click here for full review.

The Listener flows, entertains, and makes you ponder. The piece is a very welcome palate cleanser between continuing seasons of navel-gazing ‘drama’ and unrevealing revivals. It's more than just challenging: it’s fun, and I'm glad to know that film is not the only medium able to offer a ripping tale.”–Claire Light, KQED Arts. Click here for full review.

Crowded Fire production, directed by Kent Nicholson. Sets Melpomene Katakalos, lights Heather Basarab, costumes Louise Jarmilowicz. Cast: Juliet Tanner, Cole Alexander Smith, Lawrence Radecker, Rami Margron, Michael Moran. Photos: Melpomene Katakalos.