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Born With Teeth (2M) (link to come)

The Salonnières (4W/1M)

Dear Alien (1W or M) (link to come)

Off the Clock (4W/2M) (link to come)

 Wonders of the Invisible World (3W/3M)

Buccaneers (children's musical, large cast)

Or, (2W/1M)

Dog Act (3W/3M)

Wet or, Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes (3W/4M)

The Listener (2W/3M)

The Listener of Junk City (musical, 2W/3M)

One Big Lie (musical, 5W/3M)

The Reckless Ruthless Brutal Charge of it or, the Train Play (3W/5M. Also available in French translation.)

Poodle with Guitar and Dark Glasses (One-act, 3W/2M)

Other short plays, including The Last Woman on Earth and Aphra Does Antwerp, and the anthology play, Neon Mirage, are available at

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