The Listener of Junk City 

Composer: John Hodian


(3M/2W, 4-piece orchestra)

An alt-rock musical version of The Listener. Not yet produced. Winner of the Frederick Loewe Music Theater Award;  workshop presentation, New Dramatists 2008; Weston Playhouse concert presentation, Weston VT 2008. Demo available.

Generations after most of humanity has discarded a ruined Earth for a shiny new moon colony, the Listener spends her life alone with a sacred radio, calling out to hoped-for fellow survivors and harboring a vision for the future of Earth. Her fellow Junk City citizens have their own roles to play in a fragile, cobbled-together new culture—a culture threatened by the arrival of John, an emissary from the moon, who talks of rescue but is regarded as an alien demon. The Listener risks everything to help him, but not for mercy. Will John learn to listen? Will Listener hear? Will Junk City survive? 

Sample song: O Glory. Music: John Hodian. Lyrics: Liz Duffy Adams. Vocals: Gabrielle Stravelli and Greg Naughton